Regd. No.43/Goa/2016
Regd. No.43/Goa/2016

President Desk

I feel extremely happy & pride to announce the launch of “ALL GOA MEMON JAMAT (AGMJ)” website. On this special occasion, I thank “ALL INDIA MEMON JAMAT FEDERATION (AIMJF)” and its dignitaries, specially president of AIMJF, Mr. Iqbal Bha Memon (Officer) for his continues support and encouragement to promote our efforts in formation of our Jamat.

I am confident that with formation of AGMJ, Goa memons will be socially and economically benefited. With the launching of AGMJ website, Goa memons will get much needed connectivity with the rest of the Memon World. Similarly the initiative would be very useful for AGMJ in implementing its social activities and welfare schemes in near future.

Best wishes, Regards
Abdul Latif (Jafar Madgaonkar)